Privacy Policy

Jola collects and stores majority of the data you upload to our platform. This is mainly to improve the accuracy for many of the tools on our website (for example: Job Finder). We do not nor will we ever sell your data to a third-party organization.

If we release an update that requires more data collection, you will be emailed explaining the changes.

What data does Jola store about me?
Your email, selected Interests, strengths (we collect this by scanning your transcript to determine them), Google profile picture URL, name, an userid tied to your email, images of your transcript, membership status (Jola Plus), and your Jola status.

How can I delete my data?
We plan on providing an automated process for this. But for now please email [email protected] with the subject line "JOLA DELETE ACCOUNT | email" from the email of the Google account you logged into Jola with.